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Postpartum Care

Postpartum care and taking care of yourself during the fourth trimester

After your baby arrives, it’s normal to focus all your attention on your newborn. Our San Antonio OBGYNs want you to remember that you also need to pay close attention to your physical and mental health. Women may deal with symptoms and issues throughout the 12 weeks after they give birth, also called the fourth trimester. Postpartum care helps you get back to your best health, so you can be there for your baby.

Your postpartum follow-up visit

We know that you are busy and tired, but your postpartum care appointment is very important, so make it a priority. Here is what you can expect.

  • A physical examination, including a check of your weight and blood pressure
  • A pelvic examination to ensure that you are healing properly
  • A discussion about your mental health
  • A conversation about sex and your birth control options
  • A chance to address your questions about babies, breastfeeding, postpartum symptoms and more

You may still be dealing with problems such as leaking urine, sleep issues, fatigue and pain. Your follow-up postpartum care visit gives you and our San Antonio OBGYNs the opportunity to connect and see how you are feeling and getting along in your new role.

Your mental health

Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can last for weeks or months. You may think your sadness will go away or your anxiety will lessen. Certainly, this is true for some people, but other women need more medical care.

After you have your baby, you may have the “baby blues.” This usually involves a range of emotions and can include crying, feeling angry or having sleep issues in the days after your baby arrives. These feelings usually lessen or end within a few days, or can last up to one or two weeks after birth.

Postpartum depression is different than the more-common baby blues. Postpartum depression can last throughout your fourth trimester, or even longer if you don’t seek medical care. This type of depression involves severe feelings of hopelessness, sadness and anxiety. The depression can interfere with your daily life. It’s vital to call our OBGYNs if you think you may be dealing with serious depression.

Call our San Antonio OBGYNs for help if you notice these warning signs

In the days and weeks after your baby is born, you may experience complications. If you notice any of the following symptoms or warning signs during your fourth trimester, contact our OBGYNs immediately.

  • Bright red bleeding, or bleeding that requires changing a pad hourly for several hours
  • Chills or fever, which could indicate an infection
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headache, or legs and feet swelling
  • Feelings of self-harm, wanting to harm your baby, intense sadness or despair

Our team provides the postpartum care you need during your fourth trimester

Postpartum care keeps you healthy and able to care for the baby you love. If you have any symptoms, problems or questions after your baby is born, call our San Antonio OBGYNs for medical care and answers. Contact us for an appointment.