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New Patient Appointment About Our OBGYN Practices

Our dedicated team provides expert obstetrics care to women in San Antonio and the surrounding region

Our San Antonio OBGYNs and the professional staff at Heights Obstetrics and Gynecology are committed to providing the finest obstetrics care for patients. Our highly trained obstetricians constantly update their skills and knowledge. When you choose our practice, you and your baby will receive the finest care, from the moment you begin considering pregnancy through the months after childbirth.

When your baby is still a dream, we start providing tender care

Before you get pregnant, you can make an appointment for preconception planning and counseling. Our obstetricians discuss important matters, such as your lifestyle, sexual health, chronic health conditions and hereditary diseases. You may want to make an appointment about three months before you begin trying to get pregnant.

The physicians at Heights OBGYN provide skilled prenatal care

Our San Antonio OBGYNs and our entire staff work with you to ensure that your pregnancy is as healthy as possible. We are always here to offer support and answer questions because you are the most important part of our prenatal team. From your first prenatal visit to the last visit before you give birth, your prenatal care is our top priority.

Look to our San Antonio OBGYNs for high-risk pregnancy care

Sometimes, circumstances arise that move your pregnancy into the high-risk category. Not to worry — our obstetricians are trained to handle these conditions. Our physicians and staff provide you with the specialized care you need. Several factors and conditions can make a pregnancy high risk.

• Teen pregnancy or pregnancy in a woman age 35 or older
• Carrying multiples
• Existing medical conditions at the time of pregnancy, such as diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Gestational diabetes
• Diseases such as thyroid or kidney disease

Whatever the reason for your high-risk pregnancy, our physicians can handle the problem and provide you with expert care.

From delivery through the fourth trimester, our obstetricians are there for you

When your baby is on the way, you want a team you trust for your labor and delivery. Our physicians and staff take your birth plan into consideration, supporting your vision of labor and delivery, and only modifying the plan when medical needs require it.

After you give birth, the often-overlooked fourth trimester begins. Our obstetricians give this phase of obstetrics the vital attention it deserves, providing you with the emotional and physical support you need in the months after your baby arrives.

Our obstetrics team is here for you and your baby every step of the way

The months before, during and after pregnancy are some of the most important of your life. Make sure that you spend them with people you value and trust. The team at Heights OBGYN wants to help make your pregnancy, labor and delivery a memorable, wonderful experience. Contact our team to learn more about our superior care and services.