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Three Tips for Choosing an OBGYN

Choosing an OBGYN you can count on

Our San Antonio OBGYNs know that the relationship you have with your physician can affect how often and how regularly you will visit him or her for annual wellness visits, gynecology services or obstetrics appointments. Our team wants to give you some helpful tips about choosing an OBGYN. Finding the right OBGYN is the first step to better healthcare.

Choosing an OBGYN is easier if you take this advice from our San Antonio OBGYNs

The first thing you need to do is determine whether the physician you want to see accepts your insurance. You may also want to talk to friends and family to ask for recommendations and look at reviews, but reviews only tell part of the story. There are more things to consider. Here are three tips from our San Antonio OBGYNs.

1. Consider convenience. We all lead busy lives, so convenience is important. Here are some things to think about.

• Is the office close to your home or work?
• Which hospital does the physician use?
• Can you get in touch with a physician after hours?
• Is there a secure, online patient portal where you can request appointments, review your information, complete medical forms, and exchange messages with the medical team?

2. Look at the whole practice. When you are choosing an OBGYN, you are also choosing a practice. If your physician isn’t available, you may need to see one of the other OBGYNs, so you should read all the physicians’ bios. You’ll also need to interact with the staff and other members of the medical team. Finding the right OBGYN partially depends on your answers to the following questions.

• Do you feel comfortable with your surroundings in the office?
• Do staff members respond to you with courtesy, patience and respect?
• Do they communicate promptly about prescription refills, billing questions and appointments?

3. Decide if you feel comfortable and confident with the physician. Your relationship with your OBGYN is very important. You should feel comfortable enough to ask questions about any issue, including the embarrassing ones. Do you feel comfortable sharing personal information with your physician and the staff? Does the physician explain what he or she is doing in a way you can understand? Answering these questions will help you know whether this is the right OBGYN for you.

Finding the right OBGYN is a crucial part of your healthcare

Choosing an OBGYN is a big decision, and our San Antonio OBGYNs are here to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. Our team works diligently to provide the most comfortable, confidential environment for our patients. Contact us for an appointment.